When Every Airline Refused To Fly This Dying Boy

Trump Stepped In To Save The Day.

Ten-year old boy with a need for cumbersome breathing equipment was denied service by every airline, but Donald Trump heard about the need and made his plane available showing us just what kind of person Donald Trump truly is.

While many may criticize Donald Trump for his occasional rude comment or controversial statement, a story came to light recently that pegs him as a far different character – one who is warm-hearted, compassionate and a family man: the real Donald Trump.

The story begins with 3-year-old Andrew Ten, a ton of breathing equipment to help him survive a life-threatening condition and a bunch of jerks at the airlines that refused to let this sickly boy fly to get treatment. But as you may have guessed, the great Donald Trump saved the day.

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While most political candidates would spend entire speeches bragging about helping out a family in need like this, somehow nobody knows about Trumps actions to help save this little boy. That’s because instead of talking himself up, Trump is talking about the issues – and that’s really what politics are all about.

Read the rest here, credit: American Overlook.

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