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Why Voting For Donald Trump Is The Morally Right Choice

There is Only One Morally Right Choice For President This Fall And It’s Donald Trump.

Wayne Grudem in Townhall shared recently some important reasons why we need to give serious consideration when making our choice for President this Fall and what’s more that clearly Donald Trump is the morally right choice for Americans when choosing the next President of the United States.

But who is Wayne Grudem, you may be asking? And why is he recognized as someone who would be an expert on making the morally right choice. Well, for one thing, he has been teaching Christian ethics for over 39 years. He goes on to point out that all political candidates are flawed in some way. There are no perfect candidates.

Wayne Grudem says it best and after you read what he has to say, you can judge for yourself:

Some of my Christian friends tell me they can’t in good conscience vote for Donald Trump because, when faced with a choice between “the lesser of two evils,” the morally right thing is to choose neither one. They recommend voting for a third-party or write-in candidate.

As a professor who has taught Christian ethics for 39 years, I think their analysis is incorrect. Now that Trump has won the GOP nomination, I think voting for Trump is a morally good choice.

American citizens need patience with each other in this difficult political season. Close friends are inevitably going to make different decisions about the election. We still need to respect each other and thank God that we live in a democracy with freedom to differ about politics. And we need to keep talking with each other – because democracies function best when thoughtful citizens can calmly and patiently dialog about the reasons for their differences. This is my contribution to that discussion.

A good candidate with flaws

I do not think that voting for Donald Trump is a morally evil choice because there is nothing morally wrong with voting for a flawed candidate if you think he will do more good for the nation than his opponent. In fact, it is the morally right thing to do.

I did not support Trump in the primary season. I even spoke against him at a pastors’ conference in February. But now I plan to vote for him. I do not think it is right to call him an “evil candidate.” I think rather he is a good candidate with flaws.

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