Trump Plans Grand Entrance to Iowa State Fair

Being Told He Couldn’t Land His Helicopter at Iowa State Fair Didn’t Stop Donald Trump.

Voters are looking for someone who can think outside the box and use creativity to solve problems. Donald Trump demonstrates once again that he isn’t discouraged when he hits a roadblock, he just gets more creative.

Check out his solution to showing up big at the Iowa State Fair.

Kids visiting the famed Iowa State Fair this weekend will have the opportunity to take a free ride in the Donald’s helicopter, after all.

According to The Daily Mail, the 2016 presidential candidate was previously told that he couldn’t set up his $7 million helicopter at the state fair. But he’s managed to avoid the ban by offering the rides in a parking lot outside the annual fair in Des Moines.

Trump told the Daily Mail that he may even go up in the chopper on some of the rides, after using it to make a grand entrance to the event.

Credit:  Katie Lapotin, IJReview

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