Tom Brady Declares His Support For Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Popularity Attracts Fans From NFL

Looks who’s supporting Trump’s bid for president now. Non other than Tom Brady, famous Mr. Deflategate. See how these ‘friends’ make the most of their stardom together in this review.


Well, at least Tom Brady had made it a few consecutive days without being at the crux of a controversy. But that’s over now.

On Wednesday, Brady entered the political ring again when he threw his support behind his “good friend” Donald Trump.

The New England Patriots quarterback — who spent much of the summer both in the headlines and in the courtrooms — raised the blood pressure of his PR team last week when a hat featuring  Trump’s campaign slogan was seen in his locker.

At the time, Brady dodged giving a direct answer as to whether he would vote for the controversial candidate. But today, the equivocation was axed — Brady wants Trump in 2016.

In a way, it makes sense. Both figures are charismatic but oft-caricatured, and popular within their respective bases while being polarizing to the rest of the nation.

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