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Trumps First 100 days Featuring the Simpsons

VIDEO: Trumps First 100 days. Good to know we have not lost our sense of humor when it comes to Donald Trump. Share this... Facebook AccessDeniedAccess DeniedN5WZ6A2MKEYKYNXHIJHLEgNWb1GXQXMdMk/PDRgy1uI7kr6LnwrV3zbuAIXxoSELq+al5ZA/PoTeptKlghnLc4OouZU= AccessDeniedAccess DeniedN5WGN0TENN33JWSJOs8yP0grzM7TnQ+ogrTZGaCuJv12ZSSCDhH99Ep+TM+hDvqBlPmcocCcl50ZUOd5rILh3hthCrg=Google …