After South Carolina, Here Is Why Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President

After South Carolina, Here Is Why Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President

Trump has made an impressive showing and he is winning and winning and winning. Many have held back from predicting his ultimate victory until now. Rubio and Cruz continue to battle against each other thinking that surely the GOP establishment won’t ever allow Trump to be their nominee.  Have they all guessed wrong on this one. Two critical issues that Americans truly care about – trade and immigration – are connecting Trump with the voters and he is nailing it.

I am going to stick my neck out: Donald Trump will be America’s next President. Since December, I have been writing commentaries on the theme of “Why Trump Is Winning.” For a few of them, click here, here, and here. So far I have held back from predicting ultimate victory. But after Trump’s impressive showing in South Carolina (in the teeth of criticism from Pope Francis, not to mention continuing prophecies by the usual pundits that the Trumpmobile would soon hit a puncture), it is now time to go a step further: barring some unforeseen disaster (far bigger than any challenge he is likely to face from Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or even Hillary Clinton), I believe Donald Trump is now unstoppable.

Why? Not only is Trump speaking truth to power on two crucial issues – trade and immigration – but it is now clear he has ignited long smoldering voter anger on both issues.

None of his Republican opponents comes close to sounding serious on these issues. And even in a general election, he holds pole position. The likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, whose chances have improved after the Nevada result, has belatedly toughened her stance on both issues, but her conversion seems driven less by conviction than political expediency.

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