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Open Letter To Friends of Jeremy Nix Who Support Trump

Jeremy Nix, Citizen Journalist, Shares His Open Letter To His Friends.

Jeremy Nix wants his friends to know that he is cool with you removing him as a friend. You can even disown him if you like.

You can remove him from his friends list. I am sure many people will seriously consider that option.

He even understands why people would not like a government run by Democrats.

But the one thing he cannot understand is what he most wants to share with his friends.

Wonder how many fewer Trump fan friends Jeremy will have after they read his latest post:

How do you support him so blindly? Ask yourself, are you a racist, sexist, hateful and ignorant person as well? I hear his supporters saying they like him because he tells the truth, because he’s so rich he can say whatever he feels like with no apologies. Just because Trump is saying these things doesn’t suddenly make them right. It’s not okay to discriminate against an entire religion based on a small percentage of its followers who have become terrorists by twisting the words of the religion to fit their crazy ideals. It’s not okay to marginalize an entire race of people, saying things like all the Mexicans are lazy, that they are all stealing our jobs and bringing drugs into our country.

White people also have bad apples. So does every race of people. We’re all human. Some humans are really bad people. Some are really good. And it doesn’t matter what color they are, it makes no difference whatsoever. Trump says he is just telling the truth. But whose truth? There are lazy people in every race and there are dangerous violent people in every race and every religion. Kicking all Muslims out of the country is not the answer, nor is it the acceptable behavior of a person in an extremely powerful position, like the President of the United States.

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