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Life Long Democrats are Breaking With The Party To Vote For Trump

Democrat voters are starting to recognize that if Clinton gets elected, they can expect more of the same in terms of poor economy,  the rich getting richer and the poor continuing to get poorer, and escalating crime especially in urban big cities.

Hillary Clinton talking about Planned Parenthood speaks to how painfully out of touch she is with what voters care about most urgently right now.

Trump supporting American’s hard-earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare are getting the attention of this special group of voters.

The Trumpcrats are paying attention and making a switch to vote for Trump.


NEW YORK CITY, New York — Meet the “Trumpocrats,” or so the sizable collection of lifelong Democrats breaking with their party because of their disgust with nominee for president Hillary Rodham Clinton and supporting instead Republican nominee Donald J. Trump call themselves.

Christian Rickers, the Virginia-based executive director of the Trumpocrats PAC—a Super PAC designed to help his like-minded lifelong Democrats abandon the sinking Democratic ship due to Hillary Clinton’s nomination and join the Trump movement—walked Breitbart News through why he is leading the effort among Democrats who support Trump for president.

Rickers’ argument centers on trade policy, and Trump’s ardent opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that Clinton supported publicly more than 40 times but now claims she opposes. He points back to Bill Clinton’s backing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) from his time as president, and Rickers says Democrats everywhere should be terrified of how much further Hillary Clinton would go if she’s elected president.

Rickers said in a phone interview:

I’m a lifelong Democrat, really since I was a little kid, and I still am a Democrat. But the Clintons—for instance, where I am from, my hometown, when I was a kid we had 15 manufacturing plants and we now have one. Nobody does anything there anymore, and that’s the same thing happening in a lot of small towns across the country really. The Clintons are really the cause of this, the cause of manufacturing going overseas with NAFTA and the trade deals and all of that. Donald Trump, he says a lot of crazy sh*t, but the one thing that he does say, that he really does want to do something about that and that he wants to protect our people with better trade policies and new trade policies.

On the Trumpocrats PAC website is a video of David “Mudcat” Saunders, another lifelong Democrat, talking with Fox News.

“I’m a Democrat,” Saunders, who worked for many prominent national Democrats over his career, says in the interview video. “I believe in the two founding principles of Jacksonian Democracy, social justice and economic fairness. 

Read the full article, credit Breitbart by Matthew Boyle.

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