Man Of The Year: Donald Trump

Despite All The Odds, Donald Trump Is Now Set To Win The GOP Nomination.

WND has just announced their pick for WND 2015 Man of The Year and the winner is Donald Trump.

Despite Macy’s cutting ties with the candidate, and the DNC treating him as “not a serious candidate,” and the unending snobbery by media, Trump has prevailed and is set to take the nomination by storm.

They treated his campaign announcement as a joke. They tried to destroy his business. They called him every foul name they could come up with. But at the end of 2015, the biased journalists, political consultants, leftist activists, snarky comedians and embittered critics of every stripe had to concede one man had beaten them all.

Donald J. Trump is the Republican favorite for president of the United States. There’s no indication he’ll fall from the top spot any time soon. And he’s the WND 2015 Man of the Year.

“It is my great honor to be named Man of the Year by your publication,” Trump said in a statement to WND. “I very much appreciate your informative polls and coverage. Together, we will Make America Great Again.”

It’s been an incredible journey for Trump. Many supposed political experts and commentators laughed at him when, after years of hints, he finally announced he was running for president. The Democratic National Committee snarked about Trump’s “seriousness,” treating him as a phony candidate. Leftist comedian Jon Stewart called Trump “a gift from heaven.” Politico called him “God’s gift to the Internet” and contrasted him with the “more serious candidates.”

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