Man On Golf Course Asks Donald Trump “Who Is God To You?”… Trump’s Answer Is STUNNING

CBN Questions Trump About God On The Golf Course.

Trump is a man who knows how to make deals and come out ahead. He manages to do all that, be on top and still keep it simple. Some still seem to struggle with understanding how keeping it simple can be a good thing.

See Trumps response and how the media manage to find fault anyway:

When David Brody, political correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network, asked 2016 GOP front-runner Donald Trump about God during a recent outing on one of Trump’s Southern California golf courses, he never expected such a straightforward answer.

“Well, I say God is the ultimate,” Trump replied. “You know, you look at this … here we are on the Pacific Ocean. How did I ever own this?”

Trump went on to explain how he obtained the golf course by making a “great deal” and how he wants to basically do the same thing for America — “make great deals” that benefit the whole nation and make us stronger.

“We have to … we have to bring it back, but God is the ultimate,” Trump continued. “I mean God created this, and here’s the Pacific Ocean right behind us. So nobody, no thing, no there’s nothing like God.”

In a blog post for CBN, Brody pointed out that Trump’s answer lacked the “biblically thorough” expertise we hear from the likes of challengers Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.

“The question evangelical voters are going to have to decide on is whether they are comfortable enough with Trump’s faith and the way he expresses it,” Brody wrote, “or are they looking for something deeper in a candidate from a faith perspective?”

Read the rest of the story here, credit: The Conservative Tribune.

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