I Repeat, Donald Trump Is In 1st . . .

Media Continues To Struggle With Understanding What The People Already Get.

Yet another article pitching what appears to be a major disconnect between the mindset of the American conservative voter and the media.

Slowly but surely we are seeing a few talking heads starting to put their pencils down and start listening for clues.

See for yourself this latest piece of “news.”

Donald Trump has been inching upward in the polls lately. Last week, one from The Economist and YouGov was the first to show him clearly in first place. After that, Monmouth University released a poll showing Trump a close second to Jeb Bush — and now, Suffolk University and USA Today have released another new poll showing Trump on top.

Now, don’t get carried away here. It’s easy for an attention-getting celebrity non-politician like Trump to stand out from a pack of politicians for a bit, but . . .

You can read the rest and make up your own mind, credit: Andrew Prokop at Vox.

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